Instructions to blog

  1. Create the tag of the blog in
    It must be unique in the namespace it is used and the namespace must be valid.

    List of currently avaialble namespaces.

    Example for creating blog
    Create the tag with the name

  2. Create a "is" tag relation between the "<blog name>" tag and "blog" tag;

    Example for creating blog
    Create the tag-tag relation is blog

  3. Use the tag of the blog you created to publish elements.
    Every element that is compatible with ca2 system and ca2 blog can be tagged and published.

    List of currently avaialble ca2 blog compatible systems.

veriwell Musical Player lite

karaoke program for singing fans


intelligent intercommunication


Plain text editor with <ESC> <:q> <Enter> <G> <(line)G> and <i>.

veriwell simple Video Player

video program for watchers